36 Winning Burgundy Nails You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Burgundy nails are a timeless choice that offers a touch of elegance and sophistication. Perfect for any season, this rich, deep hue can be both edgy and refined. Here are 36 burgundy nail ideas that are sure to inspire your next manicure:

  1. Classic Burgundy Gloss: A simple, shiny burgundy polish for a sleek and timeless look.
  2. Matte Burgundy: Matte finish polish for a modern twist on this classic color.
  3. Burgundy Ombre: A gradient effect, blending from deep burgundy to a lighter shade.
  4. Burgundy and Gold Glitter: Add gold glitter to the tips or as an accent for a luxurious feel.
  5. Burgundy French Tips: A burgundy take on the French tip, perfect for all nail shapes.
  6. Burgundy Velvet: Use flocking powder to create a velvet texture on your nails in a rich burgundy.
  7. Burgundy Stiletto Nails: Combine the bold color with a daring nail shape.
  8. Burgundy Chrome: A metallic finish that gives your nails a mirror-like shine.
  9. Burgundy and Marble: Swirl burgundy with black and white for a marble effect.
  10. Burgundy and Nude: Pair burgundy tips with a nude base for a subtle contrast.
  11. Burgundy and Black: High contrast nail art, perhaps with geometric patterns or lines.
  12. Burgundy Wine Glass: Hand-paint a tiny wine glass or bottle silhouette for a playful touch.
  13. Burgundy Floral Accents: Delicate floral designs on a burgundy base.
  14. Burgundy with Rose Gold: Mix in rose gold stripes or accents for warmth and glamour.
  15. Burgundy Swirls: Elegantly swirling lines over a lighter base color.
  16. Burgundy and Lace: A lace pattern over or under a burgundy polish for a touch of romance.
  17. Glossy and Matte Burgundy: Alternate glossy and matte burgundy nails for textural contrast.
  18. Burgundy and Leopard Print: Add spots of leopard print for an edgy look.
  19. Burgundy with Rhinestones: Embellish one or more nails with rhinestones for sparkle.
  20. Burgundy Moon Manicure: A reverse French manicure with a burgundy moon at the base.
  21. Burgundy with Stripes: Thin horizontal or vertical stripes in gold or silver over a burgundy base.
  22. Burgundy Half-Moons: A half-moon at the tip or base of the nail in burgundy.
  23. Burgundy and Chevron: Sharp chevron patterns, possibly using nail tape for precision.
  24. Burgundy Abstract Art: Freehand abstract designs for a unique touch.
  25. Burgundy with Polka Dots: Add polka dots in varying sizes for a fun and feminine look.
  26. Burgundy Sparkle Fade: Glitter that fades into solid burgundy towards the cuticle or tips.
  27. Burgundy Tipped Almond Nails: Almond-shaped nails with just the tips painted burgundy.
  28. Deep Burgundy with a Pop of Pink: A surprising pop of pink on one nail or as an accent.
  29. Burgundy Negative Space: Creative cut-outs or shapes using the negative space technique.
  30. Burgundy Cable Knit: Textured designs that mimic a cozy cable knit sweater.
  31. Glossy Burgundy with Matte Tips: Inverse the matte and gloss for a sophisticated twist.
  32. Burgundy and Glitter Ombré: Burgundy fading into a glittery tip.
  33. Burgundy Geodes: Crystalline patterns reminiscent of geode rocks.
  34. Burgundy and Stars: Tiny stars scattered across a burgundy sky.
  35. Dark Burgundy with a Touch of Pearl: Add a touch of pearlescent polish over the deep burgundy.
  36. Burgundy and Holo Tips: Holographic tips over a burgundy base for a magical look.
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These burgundy nail designs range from simple to intricate, offering options for every skill level and occasion. Whether you’re doing a DIY manicure at home or visiting a professional, these ideas can be tailored to your preference, ensuring your nails are as unique as you are. Remember to maintain the health of your nails by using a nourishing base coat and keeping your cuticles moisturized. With these burgundy nail designs, your hands will surely make a statement!

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