33 Enigmatic Black Nail Ideas For A Mysterious Look

Your choice of jewelry is influenced by your choice of nail color. When wearing black nail polish, let it do the talking and keep your finger sparklers super simple.

You can always find a way to explore with this popular hue if you don’t feel ready yet for a full set of black nails. Consider accent nails, which allow you to make a statement with just one black manicure, or ombré nails, which move from light to black at the fingertips.

Last but not least, below are 33 black nail ideas that you can do at home if you need inspiration for a manicure (who wouldn’t want to save a few dollars?) or visit your neighborhood nail shop (because complex DIY designs are difficult). From black ombre nails to Christian Louboutin-inspired red and black nails, scroll down to see more.

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