32 Cute Nail Art Ideas That You Can Rock With Your Kids

1. Polka Dots

Simple and classic, dots can be made with the rounded end of a bobby pin. Use bright colors against a pastel base for a fun contrast.

2. Glitter Tips

Instead of a traditional French manicure, add some sparkle to the tips of their nails with glitter polish. It’s quick and looks festive.

3. Animal Faces

Paint the base in one solid color and then add simple animal faces, like cats, bears, or bunnies, on the thumb or one finger as an accent.

4. Rainbow Nails

Paint each nail a different color of the rainbow. It’s quick and requires no detailed designs or sitting time.

5. Watermelon Slices

Green tips, pink bases, and a few black dots create a cute and summery watermelon design.

6. Starry Night

A dark blue base with a sprinkle of glitter can mimic a starry night sky. Add a crescent moon sticker for an extra touch.

7. Hearts and Stars

Use a toothpick to draw small hearts or stars on a light base coat. They can be all one color or a variety.

8. Simple Stripes

Use striping tape or stickers to create evenly spaced stripes over a base color, then remove the tape for a clean line.

9. Flower Power

Small flowers can be easily created by dotting five points in a circle and adding a different colored dot in the center.

10. Smiley Faces

A yellow base with smiley faces drawn on with a fine-tipped pen can brighten up any day.

11. Cartoon Characters

If they have a favorite cartoon, try to recreate a simple version of the character on one nail or as small emblems.

12. Candy Nails

Pastel colors with tiny dots can look like a sprinkle of candy across the nails.

13. Clouds and Rainbows

A light blue base with fluffy white clouds and tiny rainbows is perfect for daydreamers.

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14. Ocean Waves

Wavy blue lines over a light blue or sandy colored base can give the impression of ocean waves.

15. Sporty Style

For kids who love sports, use the colors of their favorite team or draw small sports equipment like balls or bats.

16. Superheroes

Small symbols representing their favorite superheroes, like the bat signal or Spider-Man’s web, are fun for fans.

17. Space Explorer

Black or dark blue base with planets and stars painted or stickered on.

18. Under the Sea

Mermaid scales can be created by drawing rows of arcs in different shades of blue and green.

19. Ladybugs and Butterflies

Red nails with black dots for ladybugs, or colorful wings on either side of the nails for butterflies.

20. Holiday Themes

For holidays, adapt the designs to fit the theme—pumpkins for Halloween, trees for Christmas, or eggs for Easter.

21. Neon Splatter

A splatter-paint effect can be created by flicking different neon polishes over a white base.

22. Fruity Fun

Paint fruits like strawberries, oranges, and kiwis using basic shapes and colors.

23. Paws and Claws

Little paw prints across a nail in black or brown over a neutral base.

24. Personalized Initials

A monogrammed nail with their initials can make children feel special and grown-up.

25. Color Shift

Using color-shifting polish for a magical effect that changes depending on the light and angle.

Remember, when doing nail art for kids, it’s important to use non-toxic, water-based nail polishes that are safe for their delicate nails and skin. Quick-drying formulas are also a plus, and always make sure they are supervised to prevent any accidental spills or ingestion. With these cute and creative nail art ideas, every child can show off their unique style and have fun with their manicure!


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