30 Incredibly Breathtaking Galaxy Nails That Take Your Manicure Up A Notch

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Back in 2013, the galaxy trend was not just a trend—it was a phenomenon. Everything, from furniture and decor to accessories like tumblers and notebooks, bore the mysterious and enchanting mark of the cosmos. The swirling purples, blues, and blacks, sprinkled with star-like specks, became the hallmark of every aesthetic-loving individual. And how could we forget the audacious few who even took this trend to their hair?

Fast forward to today, the charm of the galaxies hasn’t diminished a bit. A clear testament to this enduring appeal is the resurgence of the galaxy trend in nail art. Instagram feeds are once again being lit up, not by ordinary stars, but by hands flaunting Milky Way-inspired nails. The galaxy hologram nails are redefining cosmic beauty, and this time, with even more shimmer and shine!

Diving Deeper into Galaxy Hologram Nails

This nail trend, unlike the galaxy of a decade ago, has evolved in its execution. Today’s galaxy nails are not just about the starry effect; they are about achieving depth and holography, capturing the vastness and mystique of space on the small canvas of our nails.

  • More than Just Blue and Black: Contrary to popular belief, galaxy nails don’t just hover around the blues and blacks. While those shades do provide a perfect backdrop for a starry night effect, the galaxy is vast and varied. Today, you can spot galaxy nails in hues of purple, pink, teal, and even gold. Each color offering a different slice of the universe.
  • Shimmer and Shine: The real game-changer in the current galaxy nail trend is the use of holographic nail paints. These paints refract light to give a multi-dimensional effect. When used in galaxy nails, they mimic the vastness and depth of space, making your nails look not just painted, but illuminated from within.
  • Gel Magic: With advancements in nail art techniques and materials, gel paints have become a favorite for many. Their longevity, shine, and smooth finish make them perfect for intricate designs like the galaxy hologram.
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Unleash Your Cosmic Creativity

If you’re looking to hop on this celestial trend, here are some ideas:

  1. Nebula Nails: Use purples, pinks, and blues to mimic the appearance of a nebula. Don’t forget to sprinkle some white dots for stars.
  2. Starry Night: Begin with a black or deep blue base. Sponge on some lighter blues, purples, and even a touch of yellow. Dot with stars.
  3. Cosmic Waves: Use a teal or turquoise base. Layer with shades of dark blue and black towards the tips. Add silver or gold for an added shimmer.
  4. Galactic Gradient: Start with a dark hue like black or navy. Gradually fade into lighter hues of purple or pink, making sure to add your stars.
  5. Mystic Meteor Shower: Use a dark base and draw streaks of silver and gold to mimic shooting stars.

In essence, galaxy hologram nails are not just a tribute to the trend of the past but a reflection of its evolution. It’s an art that reminds us of the beauty and vastness of the universe, and now, more than ever, it’s a trend worth trying. So, the next time you’re at the nail salon or even if you’re doing DIY nail art, give your nails the cosmic treatment they deserve!

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