25 of the Most Beautiful Nail Designs that Look Good on Anyone

If you’re bored of the same old French manicure, get inspired by one of the 25 most beautiful nail designs in this article.

Feel free to mix and match any element of these designs. Gem accent nails can be added to any manicure. If a sparkling topcoat isn’t blingtastic enough, try a holographic topcoat on top of your chosen nail color to create your own unique interpretation of these stunning ideas.

Gradient manicures are extremely popular this season. If you’re looking to stand out, try the pairing of a nude gradient manicure with a gold sparkly top coat. The key to all of these ideas is taking a traditional style like the French or American manicure and trying it out with different colors and textures.

All of these gorgeous nail designs look fantastic on every nail type. Thin rose gold or black French tip nails look especially good on ladies with long nail beds. If your cute nails are short right now, don’t worry! All of these designs can be applied to all nail shapes: short, long, coffin, squoval, square, or oval.

Remember to treat yourself and try one of the nail designs below by showing your manicurist. Applying a perfect gradient manicure is much easier for a professional to do rather than attempting it at home (unless you’re brave!)

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