200+ PHOTOS: GORGEOUS Summer Nails For Your Next Manicure

The summer is the one time that I almost always have my nails done. When you’re in a super cute swimsuit at the beach with a straw hat and rocking a nice tan, gorgeous summer nails really complete the look.

The great thing about doing your nails is that you can try out fun seasonal summer nail designs! And this summer, there are some really cool looks.

Nail trends don’t change a ton from year to year, but there are crucial small differences. A few years ago, stark white nails were not in; last year, white was the color over 85% of women were wearing during the warmer months.

This year has some of the coolest summer nail trends yet!

Major Summer Nails Trends:

This summer, the trends are very similar to last, but there’s an emphasis on art. In 2023, various interesting summer nail designs are still “in,” but they’re all slightly abstract and upscale. Focus on adding just a touch of summer through color, pattern, and design.

As far as the shape goes, almond and square are both popular this year. If your nails are short, I recommend asking for gel tips with a dip manicure. I find that the dip manicure works best because it keeps your nail strong so it doesn’t break.

Don’t forget: if you opt for press-on nails, you can always cut and file them yourself to fit the current nail shape trend. I like to buy press-on nails on Etsy, but I use this glue to get them to stick for a good long while.

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Shiny nails seem to be much more popular than matte this year.

Specific summer nail designs that are popular this year include:

  • Abstract summer nail designs in one color (use different shades of the color to achieve a seamless look)
  • Floral designs in beachy summer nail colors
  • French tips covered with summer nail designs
  • Rainbow nails

You’ll see that a lot of color is popular this year as you scroll through the summer nails photos below. You have a choice between staying on one side of the color wheel (which means you use various shades of similar colors, like red/orange/yellow or blue/greens), or using opposite summer nail colors (i.e. red with blue). While staying on one side of the color wheel seems to be more popular this year for summer manicures, you’ll definitely find both options here.

Summer Nails Inspiration

Here are 200+ gorgeous summer nails for 2023! Some of these are pretty complicated summer nail designs while others are simple summer nail colors.

Feel free to save any of these photos to your phone so that you can show your nail technician. Just press down on the photo and click save to camera roll.


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