20 Nail and Toe Nail Pairings to Mimic for a Stylish Summer

Every fashionista knows: while hands draw attention, feet seal the impression. As we bid goodbye to boots and embrace sandals, it’s crucial to ensure both our fingernails and toenails are on point. Below, find some of the hottest matching manicure and pedicure designs to get you summer-ready:

1. Tropical Sunset

Manicure: Paint a gradient of orange, pink, and purple, mirroring a breathtaking sunset. Pedicure: Opt for a deep purple base with tiny silhouettes of palm trees.

2. Ocean Bliss

Manicure: Think deep blue base with golden glitters sprinkled — just like the sun’s reflection on the ocean. Pedicure: Sky blue with tiny white waves at the tips.

3. Floral Fantasy

Manicure: Soft pink base with delicate roses painted on the thumb and ring fingers. Pedicure: A matching pink base with rose petals scattered across the big toenail.

4. Golden Sands

Manicure: Nude base with gold glitter tips for a French manicure twist. Pedicure: Entire toenail in shimmering gold.

5. Beachy Vibes

Manicure: Sandy beige base with tiny starfish and shell decals. Pedicure: Same beige base with a miniature beach scene on the big toenail.

6. Nautical Stripes

Manicure: Alternate between navy blue and white horizontal stripes. Pedicure: Navy base with a white anchor design on the big toenail.

7. Tropical Fruit Punch

Manicure: Bright yellow nails with tiny pineapple designs. Pedicure: Vibrant orange with tiny watermelon slices.

8. Summer Night’s Dream

Manicure: Dark blue base with glitters representing stars, and a crescent moon on the ring finger. Pedicure: The same starry theme, focusing the moon on the big toenail.

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9. Sunny Days

Manicure: Sunflower designs against a white base. Pedicure: A bright yellow toenail with a single sunflower on the big toenail.

10. Pastel Perfection

Manicure: Alternate between pastel shades: pink, lavender, mint, peach, and sky blue. Pedicure: The big toenail in lavender and the rest in mint.

Wrapping Up: Matching your manicure and pedicure doesn’t mean they need to be identical. It’s about creating a cohesive theme that resonates with the vibe you want to channel. So, whether you’re going for a beach vacation, a summer wedding, or just lounging by the pool, these nail designs will ensure you do so in style. Remember to pin your favorites to keep them handy for your next nail spa appointment. Happy summer styling!

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