10 Non-Barbiecore Nail Trends to Try if You’re Tired of Pink

While Barbie pink nails have had their moment, there’s a vast world of nail trends out there that don’t involve the shade. If you’re seeking a fresh departure from the typical pink-dominated manicures, these ten trends will inspire you to branch out:

  1. Monochrome Magic:
    • Description: Stick to shades of black and white, either as a solid color, ombre, or in geometric designs.
    • Tip: Matte black with a glossy top coat can make for a sophisticated and chic nail design.
  2. Terracotta Tones:
    • Description: Earthy, warm tones inspired by clay and terracotta pots.
    • Tip: Combine with gold accents for a rustic, yet refined look.
  3. Metallic Chrome:
    • Description: Reflective, metallic nails that mimic the look of metal.
    • Tip: Silver chrome paired with deep blues or purples can create a cosmic effect.
  4. Jelly Nails:
    • Description: Semi-translucent nails, often with a hint of glitter or confetti inside.
    • Tip: Opt for ocean-inspired blues or greens for a refreshing aquatic vibe.
  5. Tortoiseshell Texture:
    • Description: Mimicking the classic tortoiseshell pattern, usually in shades of brown, amber, and black.
    • Tip: Use a mix of gel polish and foil to achieve the authentic tortoiseshell look.
  6. Denim Blues:
    • Description: Nail designs inspired by various shades of blue jeans.
    • Tip: Combine different shades of blue with white for a distressed denim look.
  7. Negative Space Neutrals:
    • Description: Natural nail designs that play with bare nails and neutral shades.
    • Tip: Create geometric patterns or abstract designs to enhance the minimalist aesthetic.
  8. Lavender Fields:
    • Description: Soft, muted purple shades that evoke a sense of calm and femininity without resorting to pink.
    • Tip: Add tiny floral decals for an extra touch of whimsy.
  9. Golden Sunset:
    • Description: A mix of deep oranges, purples, and gold to mimic a twilight sky.
    • Tip: Perfect for an ombre effect transitioning from gold at the base to deep purple at the tips.
  10. Mossy Greens:
  • Description: From sage green to deep forest, green shades are both unexpected and chic.
  • Tip: Matte green with metallic gold dots can mimic the look of a starry night amidst dense woods.
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Final Thoughts: Trends come and go, but what remains constant is the opportunity to express yourself through your nails. Explore these trends and find what resonates with your style, beyond the realm of pink!

Baby Blue Nails

If you’re in line with the belief that pink and blue are as mortal of enemies as children’s clothing sections would have you believe (a bigger issue, but I digress), then blue nails probably don’t come to mind when you think Barbie. So if you’re looking for a break from all the pink, try cooling your color palette down with some baby blue nail styles like blueberry milk manicures, Tiffany blue polish, or blue French tips.

Iced Coffee Nails

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