12 Excellent DIY Organizer Ideas to Keep Your Home Products Together

  1. Towel Bars Placed Behind the Door

With Walmart’s new and better homes project, I saved both locally and had a really practical hanger for my towels.

You can hang new bath towels, new hand towels, bathrobes and all such products.

  1. Make Space for Oil Bottles

If you want to use the gargle bottles with the containers you buy from the market, you will cause an ugly appearance in the bathroom. I prefer to use olive oil and vinegar instead of these containers. They really have a perfect look.

  1. Washbasin Bottom Organizer

The bottoms of the sinks are home to a large number of products. The idea of ​​making them regular with a rotating table is a really nice idea. This means that the products we have put here are unique.

On the other hand, you can also explore other areas that you may not be aware of but that you can store products in a practical way.

  1. Wall Hanging Baskets

One of the nice suggestions you can add to your DIY list is the hanging baskets you can use like a shelf by fixing the wall.

  1. A Beautiful Organizer with Kitchen Stands

I decided to use the baskets that I used mostly to secure paper towels as an organizer, and that was really a great organizer. The toothpaste I used in bath enabled me to keep small items such as toothbrushes and small face towels in order.

  1. File Cart

This idea may sound a bit crazy, but I moved on with the idea that my husband did not use anymore this file chart. It was great for putting items such as towels into the wall, and the result was really cooler than I expected.

You can also use it in the kitchen. Without having to remember where you put your favorite cookbooks, you can collect all your cookbooks in this basket.

We use this wire basket to keep our cookbooks that are different from our library books, so they do not mix with our reading books. Especially when I wanted to return the books I bought from the library, everything was confused. I have a lot of food books and I couldn’t find the library books I borrowed from them. I ended this problem now.

  1. IKEA Kitchen Basket

IKEA’s product is perfect for standing in a corner of the bathroom, but not for bathing, because the wheels are plastic. I decided to apply a different idea that came to mind. If you have a little skillful work, keep reading and find out how I did it.

If you want to recreate this product like me, you need:

– Grundtal basket from IKEA

– Selobant

– 17 3 / 4×11 “Aptitlik cutting board from IKEA

– Hot glue gun

– A strong glue

First, assemble the item, but do not wear the lower wheels. IKEA products are easy-to-integrate products, so I do not take a lot of detours. Do not tilt the two curved bars.

Then, stick the cutting board on Grundtal’s top. Use your glue gun for this. Wait for a while to dry.

Install the curved sticks on the side of the bar just below the aptitude board.

Secure the pieces with tape while they are dry and remove them after drying. If you do not use tape, parts can be moved from place to place during drying and this leads to a sloping product. Also remove any excess glue parts while removing the tape.

Depending on what you need, you can have extra wire or you can attach a metal plate to the material you need to put on the top.

  1. Make-up Organizer in Bath

Since the corner organizer I used before was metal and it was moldy because the paint had come out over time, I no longer wanted to use it. I’m starting to think about what I can use instead. After wandering through several rooms of the house, a makeup organizer was fitted.

I now think that I can use the acrylic makeup organizer that I do not use for makeup anymore, and with a few changes I have now got a new organizer for my shower gel and shampoo.

If you take the printed shampoo and shower gels, you will not have to play it all the time. I prefer pumped shower gel and pumped shampoos.

  1. Hand Made Storage Area

If your drawers are limited, an organizer like the one shown in the picture will see your job to put small items. When I came to mind, I searched how I could make such a product, but I could not find a proper source. I decided to make a simple shelf based on my own experience.

Finally a product like the one in the photo came to the scene. Maybe it will not last a bit longer, but for now I need it.

  1. Shelves for Make-up Supplies

I thought that after organizing the shower area, I had to do something about the bathroom sink and makeup materials. It is a fact that women have much more goods than men. A simple shelf for my husband was enough to place all his products. I prepared all the remaining shelves for my own materials. When I realized that my makeup materials were irregular, I immediately decided to make an organizer for them as well. As you can see in the picture, I have prepared small shelves so that the wall can be fixed there where appropriate. The space in my sink was very small, so I made small shelves. If your place is larger, you can make larger and spacious shelves.

Even if you have a larger room, you can also prepare a small cupboard instead of a simple shelf. An outdated IKEA closet for such a shelf will see your work.

I am very pleased with these shelves for now.

  1. Cord holder from toilet roll

I know this idea is a little crazy, but if you’re tired of the scattering of cords as well as me, you can prepare a simple but effective grip for them. To do that, do not throw the rollers of your toilet papers. This idea is not entirely mine, but the presence of such a thing made me happy, and I immediately decided to make my own cabling regular.

Roll over the toilet paper cord, that’s it!

If you do not like the appearance of the ruler, you can overlay it. Colored handcraft papers and a little glue will be enough for this job.

  1. Cable Holder from PVC Pipes

The roll I told you in the previous article may be easily torn and not very effective in preventing the scatter. I’ve also looked for a more permanent solution for those who think this way and found this solution in the picture. In this way you will be able to evaluate both the inner closures of your cupboards and have a more regular holder.


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